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Froggy Gourmet, a Specialist Gourmet Shop and Provisioning Company

Although he has a predestined name, Bruno Lépicier has accumulated skills before opening his provisioning company “Froggy Gourmet” and few years later, a first Gourmet Shop in Antibes, “l’Epicerie Fine Froggy Gourmet”, a short walk from the Port Vauban.

A great international experience, in the step of celebrity chefs and then as a private chef for wealthy customers onboard Superyachts, has allowed Bruno Lépicier to acquire a thorough knowledge of bunkering needs of superyachts’ chefs.

And it is this expertise that has naturally led him to settle fifteen years ago in the port of Antibes.Initially reserved for the yachting industry, his company was then opened to the public with its 2 Gourmet shops.

Those two shops and the provisioning company, ideally positioned, lead Bruno and his team to be in contact with customers from around the world. The customers can be American, Russian, Chinese, Indian or Nordic, this international clientele has indeed supply here, premium raw products, which must be the same as in their country.

Froggy Gourmet is open 6 days out of 7; The “Food Hunter” Bruno Lépicier is still exploring and finding new references. It goes so regularly in Paris, London, Brussels and other capitals, hoping to find exceptional product and develops his offer with premium meat as Kobe and Wagyu Beef, Fine Fishes, Caviar, Truffles and technical bases for Pastry and Molecular Cuisine that he is often the only one to offer in France.

But with more than 2000 products in reference, Froggy Gourmet is not only suggesting those ultra-fine products. The whole dry grocery figures prominently in his shelves and, on the year, the average basket (about 30 €) is comparable to that of many Parisian and provincial groceries.


Sergei - Head Chef M/Y Pelorus
Really outstanding on your part Bruno, We have everything we need in perfect timing,
Many thanks to you and your team for sourcing all of these ingredients at such short notice,
Thank you on behalf of myself and all the team.
Hanna - Chef M/Y High energy
"Thank you for a great season with excellent service from you and your team at Froggy Gourmet!"
Morgan - Head Chef - M/Y Megan
"Thank you very much for the delivery. You guys are great and the produce is brilliant. Thank you."
Clément - Chef S/Y Mondango
"Thank you for the delivery, no surprise, it was Perfect!"
Mark - Captain - M/Y Lady Nag Nag
"Many thanks for your excellent support over the past month, it is a pleasure to deal with such a professional service as yours."
Melvin - Head Chef - Private villa
"The Best provisioner, Froggy Gourmet has amazing products from around the world. If you need a specific product from anywhere in the world froggy gourmet will get it for you. Always on time when delivering and both shop and yacht service is to the highest standards. Conclusion the best provisioner in the world. I have worked on private yachts for 15 years travelling the world using different suppliers. Froggy gourmet beats them all. Excellent range of Japanese products."
James - Chef - M/Y Vivid Blue "Good to see you Bruno and thank you as always for producing the goods at short notice. It's deeply appreciated."